Life Hacks* for Judges
*Life Hack (noun) - A strategy or technique that makes
some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.

Shopping Hacks for Judges

February 28, 2017

time saving shopping tipsShopping can take up a lot of your valuable time. In part two of our Life Hacks* for Judges series, we take a look at some helpful shopping hacks for Judges.

Travel Hacks for Judges

December 14, 2016

judge travel tipsPart 1 of a new Life Hacks* for Judges series. Travel can be an important job requirement for Federal Judges. Check out these travel hacks and tips for Judges on the go.

300% Increase in Use of Special Masters by Federal Judges

December 13, 2016

data chartSince the year 2000, the use of a Special Master in federal courts has increased over 300%. Learn more about the increasing use of Special Masters.